Our Story

Lou LaFond

Lou LaFond has always had a love of horror and started building haunted houses at five years old. He knew early on that being a set designer was his calling. In 1999, at age 19, Lou opened the doors of LFX with a $500 loan from his mother and grandmother while attending the Art Institute in Denver. His talent soon caught the eye of Alice Cooper & Shep Gordon, who hired him to build a gory attraction for their Denver based “Cooperstown” in 2000.

Cari Schweitzer

Cari Schweitzer joined the team in 2006 from Warren Miller Films with a background in venture capital-funded tech companies. This partnership has since enabled them to build LFX into what it is today.

After 20 years of leading production teams for film, television, theme parks, and attractions, LFX is in the process of creating their own film production house, while providing rentable sound stages and event spaces. With a strong belief of putting good back into the world, the spaces will be offered at low cost to artists, musicians, and non-profits to support the work and efforts of the local art community. Lou and Cari are also avid animal lovers, donating their time and 5% of profits towards their partnerships with local sanctuaries.

1701 31st Street

Denver, CO 80216

Additional Locations TBA

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