Goats in RiNo

Five years running and currently hosting at our River North (RiNo) location in downtown Denver, CO. Bring your own camping chair, enjoy a movie, drink a beer and savor the best vegan food in Denver as baby goats run loose.

Proceeds go to animal rescue. Follow Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary for tickets and upcoming dates.

LFX was established in 1999 as a set design and special effects fabrication company, specializing in old and other worldly aesthetic in film, television, theme parks, experiential marketing, and attractions. Needless to say, productions can have a lot of moving parts, but we like to help bring them full circle. Let’s make it as fun as possible.

We’re creators like you; we have a seasoned in-house development team for feature film, television, and experiences. We navigate financing, production, marketing, and distribution; we’re in it with you. 

Phase 1 Expansion Coming 2022

We’ll launch a full site with all our pricing and specs then!

Follow us on the socials, and we’ll post more as we get closer.

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